Coronavirus and the Environment

cute pangolin.jpg
Pangolins and the Pandemic

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, pangolins were better known for being the world’s most trafficked mammals for their meat and unique scales used in traditional medicine, but there is scientific evidence that they may have been the source of the new coronavirus. Eating the pangolins may have been the link connecting the virus between bats to humans. Luckily for pangolins, the demand for these critically endangered animals has dropped in Asian markets. Click here to learn more about pangolins and their relationship to Covid-19.

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Coronavirus and Clear Skies

As factories shut down and people stayed home to halt the spread of coronavirus, the impact of humans became obvious as clear, blue skies were reported around the world. People in cities around the world were able to see distant mountain ranges shrouded in smog while those suffering from respiratory ailments such as asthma could breathe easier. Check out these striking images of how the coronavirus showed us what happens when global emissions drops.