Kung Fu Potato

potato straw.jpg



The Chinese martial arts known as Kung Fu, teaches the importance of focus. This experiment will be carried out on a delicious potato using only a simple plastic straw, focus, and science. Astound your family with your amazing potato power demonstration.


  • Five or six sturdy plastic straws

  • A couple of raw potatoes

  • A gardening glove to safely hold the potato

  • Eye protection 



Wearing eye protection and the glove on the potato-holding hand, firmly grasp the potato in your fingertips so that your audience can see the straw penetrate through the potato. With the other hand, grasp the straw without bending or crushing it. There is no need to put your thumb at the end of the straw. 

Take aim and stab the potato with the straw as hard as you can. It is best if you yell out a powerful "kiap" as the straw passes all the way through the potato. You will need to practice before demonstrating in front of your family. If you are having trouble fully penetrating the potato, you may be hesitating so stab (and yell) harder!

Why it works:


The straw easily penetrated the potato because of the structure of the straw. A plastic straw may seem flimsy from the side, but their cylindrical structures are strong when compressed or stabbed from their ends. 
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