Myths and Facts

Face masks can protect YOU from the virus

You should wear a homemade face mask that covers your mouth and nose when out in public or if you suspect you are infected. Since people can have the virus without symptoms, it's best to wear a mask to protect other people. N95 respirators used by medical personnel are effective, but require special training to use correctly.

The coronavirus was made in a lab.

There is no evidence that the coronavirus was made in a lab. Coronaviruses have a long history of making the jump from animals to humans.

The coronavirus is less deadly than the flu

So far, medical research has found that the coronavirus has a higher mortality rate than the flu. But it is too soon to tell, the intense level of research underway from around the world will teach us more.

The coronavirus has something to do with Corona beer.

Coronaviruses are named for the crown-like structure of the viruses. Their names are only a coincidence.

You can get the coronavirus from stuff shipped from China

Studies conducted by the World Health Organization and the CDC have found that the coronavirus cannot survive being shipped.