Teachable Moments Outside

Venture outdoors on your scientific expedition! There's plenty to discover in your yard or trip to your local park. Make sure your parents are a part of the team. Some science is too big and messy to do indoors, so it's time for some outdoor fun and sun. Don't forget to practice safe science.


Help Humpty!


Use your inventive smarts to design and build a lander to protect an egg from falling from a great height. 


Mighty Mini Meteorites

Launch "meteorites" to explore how these outer space rocks hit our planet. 


Insect Safari


Could there be a new species of insect waiting for you to find it? The chances are good that you can find something amazing.

Potato Poppers


Use a tube and tuber to make the science of air pressure a contest of spud-tacular fun! Make sure you recruit a parent to share in the fun.