Teachable Moments 

Just because many of us have to stay home during the coronavirus pandemic doesn't mean we have to go bonkers with boredom. While it's sometimes fun to binge-watch TV shows or play video games every once in a while, it's better to mix it up with a variety of fun STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) activities that allow you to flex your brain and expand your imagination. 

Teachable Moments Inside


Discover how to transform your home into a secret laboratory, artist's studio, inventor's garage, and more. 

Using every day stuff around the house, make the MOSI out of your time at home. 

Teachable Moments Outside

Staying home doesn't mean you have to stay cooped up in the house. Get some fresh air, move your muscles, and explore the great outdoors in your yard or in a park. Use this time to go on a backyard safari or get messy with science.

Teachable Moments Online

There's more to the Internet and computers than video games and watching YouTube videos. Learn some new tech skills and express your creativity through virtual building and designing video games.